A practical training workshop

course overview

A comprehensive training course aimed at improving your negotiation skills.

A fun and practical workout

Negotiation Gym aims to help you find out the strengths and weaknesses of your personal negotiating style, and to make improvements. It contains a set of exercises for you to practise and beef up the full range of negotiating skills – like a workout in the gym building up a range of different muscles.

Gain insights and skills

You will work on all the practical negotiation skills: working out the other side's underlying interests, asserting your position, valuing and trading concessions, finding creative solutions, claiming value, and maintaining empathy. You will be able to identify tricky tactics and how to deal with them.

Read more about Negotiation Styles.


An enjoyable one or two day session delivered in house, with an emphasis on practical skills. We also run regular sampler days for L&D professionals to try out the day for themselves at a much reduced rate. Please enquire for more details.


The one day course contains an introduction to Harvard negotiation theory, analysis of the participants' natural negotiating styles, numerous short exercises and two full-length observed case studies.


The two day course contains more expanded theoretical input, a video session, and four full-length case studies.

Learning materials

All course materials are taken from the Harvard Law School/Harvard Business School negotiating course. We have special dispensation to use Harvard's own case studies and to teach the Harvard method.


Negotiation happens in all our daily lives, every day, so everyone can benefit. Our recommendation would be a minimum of four and maximum of ten participants. Between six and eight works especially well, as it means pairing up with a full range of "opponents". However, it may be better not to mix very senior and very junior levels of staff in the same course.


The course fee is £1,850+VAT per day plus travel and materials, irrespective of attendee numbers.


Many organisations and individuals have benefited from attending Negotiation Gym, including BAT, Thoughtworks, Hitachi, Age UK, Foxtons, Synthesis Global, Miller Insurance and Alpha Financial Markets Consulting.

Trying out different styles gave me more range and confidence in negotiating.

Hanaa Abdallah, Thoughtworks

An immersive learning experience packed with interesting scenarios and role plays which really tested my negotiation style and taught me to approach negotiations in a whole new manner.

Laura Kuth, Foxtons

Great tools, very useful and eye opening. Exceeded my expectations.

Tomas Ferge, BAT

A really good day crammed with useful practical learning.

Sanchia Moraes, Miller Insurance

 Negotiation Gym begins by drawing on a really interesting analysis of negotiation styles, which I’d not encountered before, and then leads to plenty of opportunity to practice as we grow in awareness of our strengths and weaknesses.

Jonathan Robbins, Age UK

Great ratio of practice and theory. The live negotiations were excellent.

Salim Barkett, Synthesis Global

Mike came across as very knowledgeable and encouraging throughout the session.

Laura Kuth, Foxtons

The concepts and principles that Mike deftly teaches regarding negotiation skills, introduced through real life scenarios, simple and complex use cases, and direct interaction with counterparts and colleagues, will have an immediate and positive impact to any organization.

Pat Eldridge, Principal, Alpha Financial Markets Consulting, New York


Mike Baker, a Cambridge graduate, has spent twenty-five years in the media and advertising business. He has completed three courses at the Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School/Harvard Business School. He is also an alumnus of negotiation courses at Ashridge, TKI, Scotwork and Alpha Financial Markets Consulting.

Mike Baker

Mike Baker

Course Leader


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